When the “Check Engine” light comes on and you don’t know what the problem is, don’t panic. Call Multistate Transmissions Haltom City TX for comprehensive auto repair services. We have the team and technology to deliver the best auto repair services in the Haltom City TX area.

Modern vehicles are mostly computer-controlled, employing sophisticated technology in their operations. When diagnosing problems, this technology calls for advanced computer diagnostics to determine exactly what is malfunctioning. To deliver the best auto repairs, Multistate Transmissions Haltom City TX uses the same advanced diagnostics found in leading dealerships, retrieving the information directly from a vehicle’s data stream. This, along with our team of knowledgeable experts, ensures we pinpoint the problem so that it is repaired properly.

Our Haltom City auto repair center is fully equipped to handle a wide range of car repair concerns. Proper diagnosis ensures you know exactly what the problem with your car is. In cases where your vehicle’s warning light has come on, it means the onboard computer system has detected a problem or service need. Whether auto repairs are needed or not, Multistate Transmissions Haltom City TX use state-of-the-art equipment to connect with your vehicle to find any issues. Once our experts have determined the issues, we can provide auto service or repair recommendations. We are also proud to offer all our customers a free performance check. We check the fluid levels, tire pressure and run code scans on your vehicle.

In addition to our Haltom City TX location, Multistate Transmissions has over 120 auto repair locations across the nation. No matter where you are, we are nearby. Plus, our 12-month/12,000 warranty is good at any of our service centers.You can trust Multistate Transmissions Haltom City TX to have the skills and experience to service a wide range of vehicles, including:

  • Foreign and Domestic Models
  • Automatic and Manual Transmissions
  • Four-Wheel Drive
  • Trucks
  • Diesel Vehicles
  • Hybrids and Recreational Vehicles

With years of proven experience in the auto repair industry, you can trust Multistate Transmissions Haltom City TX expertly repair and service your car or truck. Call 817-656-8171 today to schedule your appointment.